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Ocean Freight
Plenty of commercial goods are moved regularly via sea to Bangladesh. Most consignments travel the distance across the Bay of Bengal in shipping containers on specialized cargo vessels.

However, there are also options for sea freight that doesn’t fit into a container. Ask your carrier or freight forwarder about break-bulk shipping.

When it comes to containerized ocean shipping, there are two alternatives to choose from: LCL and FCL. Either option is available as a port-to-port or door-to-door service. Let’s look at which option might be best for your logistics needs.为客户提供以国际空运与国内空运为主体的高质量运输服务。客户可以根据自身需要选择服务范围(门到门,门到机场,机场到机场,机场到门)和时间要求。我们将为客户提供包括可以利用的最快航班和最经济航班在内的多种运输方案,并在满足客户需求的情况下最大化客户的期望。该服务每年365天,每周7天,每天24小时不间断提供。